OUR Services

By listening to your needs and perhaps your own idea, we help you clarify your brand or your products through our film production, photo production and exposure services. 

With our experience and broad expertise in film production, photo production and marketing, we tell your story which then leads to increased profitability and greater digital presence with your customers.

So, what can we do for you?


In the world we live in today, the need and demand for film is growing rapidly. Film is not just about film being shown on the big screen. We should not underestimate a really good commercial that in a well-thought-out campaign can actually increase your sales. We make commercials, information films, corporate films and much more.

The process in our main area of film production includes everything from brainstorming to scripts, location scouting to editing. We want you to experience a professional and clear picture before the project to facilitate the work both for you and us.


When I stand behind the camera, there are several components that need to flap to create the perfect feeling. Everything from camera angles and the right finishing to a captivating VoiceOver. That's how you create feeling, at least according to me.

Filip Johansson



Johfors Productions takes photos in all types of contexts. With our expertise, we create materials that contribute to the benefit of your business.

We all know that a picture says more than a thousand words. The image sets the feeling for your message. We have long and broad experience and knowledge in many types of photography. We work with portrait photography, event photography, wedding photography and studio photography. 


When the film production or photo production is completed, we support the strategic distribution of the marketing material in all social channels. With an understanding of customer behaviors and a sense of marketing materials, we help you create profitable marketing campaigns.

Thanks to our current perspective on marketing, we create future-proof marketing campaigns that guarantee an increased digital presence and with it increased profitability. By always keeping up to date with the latest trends, we ensure that your marketing materials are in line with the best marketing strategies on the market.


We capture the feeling behind your story. So, what's your story?